Northern Shipping DMCC


With this in mind, we offer following services to our clients:
1. Shipping Freights: Spot and COAs.
2. Chartering Ships
3. Commercial Ship Management
4. Post Fixture Operations support and Accounts management
5. Complete end to end, door to door logistics solution for cargo movers, FOB or CnF shipments
6. Facilitation/Support in arranging Aggregate and Gypsum Cargoes for potential Buyers with integrated shipping solutions

Our years of industry experience in the region is our biggest asset. Coupled with transparent communication to all stakeholders involved, we provide a streamlined process that suits your needs and exceeds your expectations. We are committed to being a one-of-a-kind in the region and look forward to a fruitful partnership.

Shipping Operations & Post Fixture
Once ships are fixed by our shipbroking team, our operations division takes the shipping process over, coordinating the day-to-day operational activities of voyage, on a 24/7 basis and with superb attention to details.

We support the chartering activities to the highest standards, mitigating risks and maintaining constant relationships between ship owners and charterers, improving their profits by maximizing voyage returns and reducing costs. We constantly liaise with the vessels and ports to ensure smooth voyage and time charter operations. We keep compliance with agreed party terms, handle any claims and party disputes, negotiate Port disbursement accounts and issue invoices and hire statements. We take care of all demurrage calculations.

Our recent fixtures
No/Voy Vessel Name CP Date
1 MV Moshtaraka 4 19-Aug-2021
2 MV Maithili 31-Aug-2021
3 MV Azayez 23-Sep-2021
4 MV Amarnath 26-Oct-2021
5 MV Vienna 1-Nov-2021
6 MV Ince Ankara 3-Nov-2021
7 MV Jabal Shams 30-Nov-21
8 MV KSL Xingyang 23-Dec-21
9 MV Great Pioneer 25-Nov-21
10 MV Draftvader 3-Nov-2021
11 MV Carina 23-Jan-22
12 MV Gloria 1 25-Jan-22
13 MV Toro Roso 14-Mar-22
14 MV JalShakti 11-Nov-21
15 MV Jabal Alkawr 30-Nov-21
16 MV KSL Huyang 14-Apr-21
17 MV Moshtaraka 1 19-Apr-22

Northern Shipping
Northern Shipping
Northern Shipping